Who wouldn't want a sustainable and pleasant life? But it is not so simple. Which choices should you make? A little coaching in this area is welcome, but how can you find the right information?

Choose project Schoonoord and you choose sustainability. So you get not only a beautiful property close to all amenities, but also your own sustainability coach. A coach who ensures that sustainable living is also really simple and fun. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

How can you create a vivid and sustainable outside space? The gardener from Siebers Tuinprojecten is happy to help. Schoonoord is an environment in which nature and buildings go hand in hand. The gardener utilises the existing landscape elements and embraces sustainable materials and indigenous nature. Green is seen as a foundation, not as a compulsory decoration. And how do you create a sustainable garden? By composting your own garden and organic waste, for example. Or collecting rainwater for irrigating your garden. Schoonoord makes this all possible. With its sustainable added-value, but also in terms of standard of living and even health.